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Vincenzo Lamagna is a London-based musician, composer and producer.

For the last 20 years, He has been working as a solo artist as well as carving a niche in the contemporary dance world through collaborations with Hofesh Shechter and Akram Khan.

From 2010 to 2014 He performed as a core musician in Hofesh Shechter’s ‘Political Mother’, touring worldwide venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Theatre De la Ville and Sadler’s Wells.


In 2015 He began composing his first full- length score for Akram Khan’s award-winning production ‘Until The Lions’ which premiered in January 2016 in London.

At the end of 2016 He worked with Akram and English National Ballet to produce the full-length orchestral score for the 21st century adaptation of the romantic ballet ‘Giselle’.

The score has been unanimously praised by both press and audiences and led to Vincenzo being nominated for the ‘Emerging Artist Award’ by The Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards in 2017.

His collaboration with Akram Khan for his final full-length solo ‘Xenos’ premiered at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens in January 2018. It is currently touring worldwide gaining high critical acclaim as ‘a work of defining greatness’ (Luke Jennings, The Guardian).

His latest collaboration with Akram Khan Company titled Outwitting The Devil premiered on the main stage of Avignon Festival in July 2019.

Throughout 2020/2021 Vincenzo composed the full length orchestral score for Akram Khan’s Creature commissioned by English National Ballet due to premier at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London in September 2021.

Other notable works: Kingdom (solo–2017), Embryo (solo–2017), Touch - China National Acrobatic (2018), Through & Out (Vincenzo Lamagna & Jorge Crecis, 2017), Kingdom – Scottish Dance Theatre (2014), Trans La Valo – Contemporary NINE dance theatre, Beijing (2014), Selah – ZFIN Malta National Dance Company (2015)

Magnificently cinematic score.



Vincenzo Lamagna's score is a hugely impressive piece of work.

THE ARTS DESK ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

The soundtrack is pulsating - deep and, at times, unrelenting.

It is superb and a key factor in the fully-formed creation of this new world for Giselle.


Vincenzo Lamagna's score ...was like a collective heartbeat.

It pulsed, soared and tore through the ears with everything from strings to industrial sirens and the rush of waves.


Vincenzo Lamagna’s cinematic edgy score rumbles ominously, industrial, futuristic and emphatic.


Vincenzo Lamagna’s fantastic reinvention of Adolphe Adam’s original score takes key themes from the original, twists them inside out and slowly builds them up into ominous, pulsing wind tunnels of sound. The effect is loud and hugely dramatic but it always works with events on stage, never overpowers them.


It’s composer Vincenzo Lamagna’s first ballet and using Adolphe Adam original score as a reference he shows no sign of fear. His score is visceral and emotive. Darkly oppressive and all consuming at times – yet carefully dosed so that just as it threatens to overwhelm, the sound drops away and a breath is felt across the stage and out into the auditorium. The industrial soundscapes occasionally crystalise into a familiar lyrical line to extraordinarily beautiful effect.


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